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Turkish-Uzbek NEW

Entries: 9 918
Author: Hüsamettin Cintonik
Download link: turk-uz.zip (222 Kb). Hits:  

English-Turkish NEW

Entries: 61 465
Author: Yüksel Demir
Source: http://ingilizce.g3n.in
Download link: eng-turk.zip (2 506 Kb). Hits:  

German-Turkish NEW

Entries: 5 546
Author: Leyla Kabak
Download link: ger-turk.zip (115 Kb). Hits:  

Arabic-Turkish Wordlist

Entries: 49 307
Hasan Taşdelen
Download link: arabic-turk.zip (1 006 Kb). Hits:

Turkish-Russian Dictionary

Entries: 15 036
Yevgenia Budzina
Download link:
turkish-rus.zip (~638 Kb). Hits:  

Turkish-Russian Multimedia Dictionary Demo

Entries: 1 297
Алфавит, Выражения, Дни недели, Местоимения,
Месяцы - времена года, Числительные
Author: Yevgenia Budzina
Download link:
turk-rus-zv.zip (~68 Kb). Hits:  
Sound files: TurkRusSound.zip (~4 332 kb)

Every word in this dictionary has a sound file with the pronunciation.
This demo version consists sound files only for the additional vocabularies. Only
registered users
can download sound files for the General vocabulary (about 1000 files).
To get these files apply to regdict@popdict.com.

All rights reserved for the authors of the dictionaries. Please, contact the authors of the dictionaries for all questions concerning the contents and copyrights of the dictionaries.

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