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  Last Update: 27/09/2010
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  Dictionaries: 247
  Phrase Glossaries: 38
  Languages: 82

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Data Format

маркированный список The text of the dictionaries is in the Unicode coding, that's why you can create dictionaries for any language. Unmatched
маркированный список Any font can be used for original word, translation or transcription. Unmatched
маркированный список Possibility to format words of entries: bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript, color for features in dictionaries and references.
маркированный список Up to 65,536 symbols in the translation field. Unmatched
маркированный список One link to any multimedia file per entry. The file can be automatically opened during testing or manually during browsing the dictionary.
маркированный список Hyperlinks to other entries.

Main Features

маркированный список A huge constantly updated collection of different dictionaries for different languages of the world. The number of additional dictionaries and languages can be seen in the menu of the site. Unmatched
маркированный список Sorting by any field: original word, translation or transcription. Unmatched
маркированный список

Sorting rules for a lot of languages. Unmatched

маркированный список Searching by the first symbols in any of the fields: original word, translation or transcription. Unmatched
маркированный список Advanced Search, using wildcards, for searching words in the current field or in all the fields at once. Unmatched
маркированный список During Advanced Search all the found entries can be displayed in one field. Unmatched
маркированный список Pop-up dictionary mode: select a word in any application and press Ctrl+Ins+Ins (holding <Ctrl> double-press <Ins>) to view its translation in Pop-Up Dictionary.
маркированный список Sentence word-for word translation: enter a sentence into the search field and press Alt+Enter to see the translation of every word of the sentence in one field.
маркированный список Left-to-right or right-to-left text reading of the fields. Unmatched
маркированный список There can be several vocabularies in one dictionary. Unmatched
маркированный список Possibility to create your own dictionaries and vocabularies and to edit existing ones.

Testing Features

маркированный список Test original word, translation or both.
маркированный список Test all the words, selected or a definite quantity of randomly chosen words.
маркированный список The program can pop-up and ask you definite number of words.
маркированный список Slide show of words.
маркированный список Every entry can be marked as learned.
маркированный список

Learned entries can be included or excluded from the test. Unmatched

маркированный список Learned entries can be browsed separately from all the entries of the dictionary. Unmatched



This program will help you translate texts from virtually any language. Just select an unknown word in your text, press Ctrl+Ins+Ins and you will see the translation, press Ins and this word is marked for studying. Set the test-yourself time and the program will from time to time keep asking you to translate new words you want to learn. Are you tired? There is a way out for you: play a new words slideshow and monotonous cramming will become an exiting game.

It is very important that will be able to master your language and keep working at your computer at the same time.

Do you want to modify our dictionaries? No problem! You can change, add and create entries for the existing and new words and their meaning; you can also link any word to sound, graphics, video, etc. To be able to do that, please read Help where you can find a lot of other helpful options.

Setting of different fonts and encodings gives you the opportunity to choose any language for studying and practicing your skills in it. Now you can download a lot of additional dictionaries for more than 50 languages from our site (the quantity of available dictionaries and languages for which they are made are shown in the menu of this site). We work hard to offer you new dictionaries and improve the existing ones. But much depends on you, dear users. We suggest your working in association with us. Contribute your dictionary and thousands of grateful users will see your name on our site! And of course you will get Pop-Up Dictionary for FREE.

Good luck!

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