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Video Demonstration

To view a video demonstration go here. Note, the size of the file is 3.24 Mb. You can download it from here. This video file requires DivX Codec. You can download and install it from http://www.divx.com.


Pieces of advice of an experienced user

Tip #1

You open a new dictionary and see some irregular symbols, you don't like the font, the size and color of symbols, the color of the background.
Go to
Options/Fields/Font and select your favorite font, size and color.

The same way you can select the background color (Options/Fields/Background). Do this for every field.

Tip #2

Everything is great, but the text does not fill the field and you always need to scroll the text. Move mouse slowly to the bottom side of the window. The mouse cursor will be changed, drag-and-drop it anywhere to change the size of the window. You can change the size of the fields by dragging the splitters, which are between them. If you don't use transcription in your dictionary, hide this field by dragging the splitter to the right.




You can find other advices and answers in the On-line Help

New features in examples

How to use templates

Using templates you can display either all translations, or selected ones. Note, that this feature is available only in Pop-Up Dictionary 4.6 and higher for registered users.

  1. Open the Options dialog box.
  2. On the Fields tab select a template file.

You can create your own templates:

  1. Create an HTML-file (e.g. in MS FrontPage XP/2003) and put %#number_of_paragraph; anywhere you want to display the corresponding line of the translation field. For example, if the 3rd line has the Turkish translation, you can write %#3; to display it.


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