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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to open the dictionary I have downloaded from your site?
  1. Unzip it to any folder. It's better to unzip it to the program's folder (e.g. to C:\Program Files\Pop-Up Dictionary\).
  2. Open the main window of Pop-Up Dictionary (left-click the 'book' icon in the system tray, where the clock is).
  3. Click the Open button on the toolbar and choose the unzipped file.
Q: How to create a dictionary?
  1. Activate the Advanced Mode (click the Advanced Mode button on the toolbar).
  2. Click the 'Edit Mode >>' button on the Dictionary.
  3. A new editing panel and the 'New Dictionary' button on the toolbar will appear. Use the editing panel to edit the current dictionary and use the New Dictionary button on the toolbar to create a new dictionary.
Q: How to get a liberation key for the program?
A: You should register it. 
Q: How to create HyperLinks to sound or video files, so that I may enable the Pronunciation function?
A: There is the Editing button on the Dictionary tab. Press it to switch the program to the Editing Mode. Now you can edit any word pressing the Edit button. The field under the searching tool will be enabled and you can press the Browse button to the right of this field to select any media-file. After selecting a file, the link to this file will be written to the field (which you can edit or write your own, for example you can type http://www.PopDict.com to open your default browser with this address). Press the Update button to save this link. Now you can press the Pronounce button on the toolbar to play/open this file. 

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If you can't find the answer to your question you can send us a letter to support@popdict.com.

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